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Model structure
Variance (ω2)

Absorption rate constant (/time)
Bioavailability (fraction)

Central volume of distribution (Volume)
Periperhal volume of distribution (Volume)
Periperhal volume of distribution 2 (Volume)
Q - central-peripheral (Volume/time)
Q - central-peripheral 2 (Volume/time)
Clearance (Volume/time)

Residual error
σ2 proportional
σ2 additive

Dosing and simulation information

Route of administration
Dose (units)
(Add multiple cohorts: 100, 200, 300)
Infusion time (h)
Repeat dose every x hours

Additonal simulation information

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Simulated number of individuals per dosing level

Pharmacokinetic profiles

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Summary statistics

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Column headers should minimally include the following columns: ID,CONCENTRATION,TIME
A DOSE column can be added to stratify the data.

Reporting information

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